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Liberate Your Business
Through Battery Storage

Unlock the power of sustainable energy for your business with our cutting-edge solar solutions. Embrace a brighter, cost-efficient future while reducing your carbon footprint. Join the green revolution and let us tailor a solar strategy that maximizes savings and environmental impact. Elevate your commercial space with clean energy - it's not just a choice, it's an investment in a brighter tomorrow. Contact us now and illuminate your path to a greener, more profitable future!



Electrx Solar, a division of Electrx Ltd, has been instrumental in assisting numerous UK businesses in generating sustainable capital through innovative energy solutions. Our offerings, such as combining commercial solar with energy storage systems to significantly reduce escalating electricity prices, have proven to be effective. When coupled with attractive financing options, we ensure that the resulting savings consistently generate positive cash flow for our valued customers.

Each creative energy solution is uniquely crafted, taking into account the specific energy requirements of businesses and appropriating space accordingly. For larger buildings, fixed-tilt roof-mounted racking systems are commonly employed, while solar canopies serve as an excellent alternative for smaller structures with open parking areas.

The cost per solar panel has experienced a remarkable decrease of at least 80% over the past decade. As commercial solar in the UK becomes increasingly affordable.

If you're intrigued by how our creative energy solutions can contribute to your business's capital generation, we invite you to reach out. Our team is ready to discuss tailored strategies that align with your specific needs and goals.



Battery storage solutions is a technology that goes beyond a mere power backup. These battery units, strategically installed on-site, empower businesses to store and discharge electricity at specific intervals In times of need, they seamlessly step in to provide reliable backup power.

Electrx Solar takes pride in offering a comprehensive turnkey solution for battery storage, meticulously tailoring the process to suit your business. This involves a thorough analysis of your business's needs and suitability, the precise specification of cutting-edge technologies, meticulous system design, and seamless installation. What sets us apart is our integration of battery storage solutions with commercial solar panels, a synergistic approach that not only maximizes energy savings but also unlocks a host of additional financial and environmental benefits.

However, our offerings extend beyond the integration with solar panels. Our battery units can function as stand-alone entities, operating independently of renewable energy sources. In this capacity, they become instrumental in storing cheaper energy from the grid during periods of lower costs. Subsequently, they discharge this stored energy during peak times, effectively mitigating demand charges and peak-time energy costs.

In essence, our approach to energy storage solutions goes beyond the conventional, offering businesses a multifaceted strategy to optimize energy usage, minimize costs, and contribute to a sustainable and resilient energy future.

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